Click And Read 9 Mistake Girls Make Nowadys When Trying To Win A Man Heart, Read 5,4 & 9 Well

As a man I’ve observed, through my personal
interactions with women, that there are basic things
that the majority of women do that hinder
winning over a man’s heart. Understanding these
things can help women not sabotage their own

1. Using s*x as a weapon: I’m not
specifically referring to s*x Itself, but rather using your body to get all the
attention. Ladies, keep in mind that your
image is like a magnet. You attract the type of person that you are presenting yourself as. If you are overly drawing attention to your body, you’ll attract
superficial, shallow men instead of intelligent,educated and sensible ones.
A smart woman uses her mind, not her body, because she knows her beauty is actually in her personality, rather than her appearance alone. Physical attraction can bring temporary satisfaction;
but personality and character are what actually form a rewarding relationship. Those should be your focus.

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